Blue Ridge Mountain Resources is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the highest quality forest and agricultural products. From the beautiful Piedmont and Appalachian region, surrounding the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Eastern United States, it is our mission to connect global demand for our natural resources with local producers and manufacturers of the highest quality products. With over thirty five years of experience in supply sourcing, international marketing and long established personal relationships, Blue Ridge Mountain Resources is well positioned to develop and facilitate global trade.

White Oak
Red Oak
Eastern Redcedar
Southern Yellow Pine
Soft Maple
Hard Maple
White Ash
Antique Heartpine
Red Elm

Blue Ridge Mountain Resources works in cooperation with producers and manufacturers that share our concerns and understand the importance of agricultural stewardship and managing our natural resources in a sustainable manner for our future and the future of our children.

About Us:

We are a family owned business and the fourth generation with roots in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia since the 1800's. Our families have been involved with forest and agricultural products since settling in this area and have a proud heritage of working in harmony with the land and the regions natural resources. Suppliers that meet our highest standards of quality have been selected as reliable continuous sources. We have developed sales for and represented many of these companies in the market place for over thirty years. During this time Blue Ridge Mountain Resources has worked diligently to explore and develop markets on all five continents. The result has been strong relationships with customers and marketing representatives around the globe. We look forward to share our experience and hope we may be of service in marketing your products or with sourcing our Blue Ridge Mountain regional resources.

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